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Bed Bug Control - Action is an expert at locating infestations with the use of our extremely well trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs.  In addition, Action has a proven methodology for the extermination of bed bugs.  The proper chemical application and steam treatment has seen excellent results for our customers.

Action Bed Bug Specialist, Rich Wilbert, applying a steam application to a box spring.

The first step and most important is we send out our bedbug canine detection team. The dog and the handler will do a full inspection of your home. The dog will alert to all areas where bed bugs are hiding inside your home. Dogs generate quicker and more accurate results, which can lead to lower treatment costs After the sweep, the handler will put a treatment plan together specifically designed for your home in order to rid you of your current bed bug situation.

Call 1-800-920-0906 to have a friendly Action Technician help you eliminate your infestation problems.

Bed Bug Control:

Action will start with steaming all furniture in the rooms that the canine team has alerted to. This includes dressers, night stands, desks, couches, hutches, end tables, coffee tables, and wall fixtures. The amount of steaming will depend on what is alerted by the dog.

Action will then perform a detailed chemical application to all cracks and crevices in the home. This includes but is not limited to moldings, furniture, walls, wall fixtures, the ceiling, carpets, closets, shelves, and all furniture that was previously mentioned.

Depending on the initial sweep our technicians might also need to dust certain areas by removing electrical wall plates, pull up carpet along the edges and dusting pipe areas. This is determined by the Dog Handler at the time of the sweep.

After the first treatment, you are required to purchase mattress and box spring covers either on your own or through Action. These covers will prevent any eggs that hatch from re-infesting your home.

To learn more about Action's Bed Bug Control Methods, please email us at or call 800-920-0906.

How to Prepare For Treatment

Adult bed bugs are reddish brown, flattened, oval, and wingless with microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance.  A common misconception is that they are not visible to the naked eye, but adults grow to about a ľ inch long.  Bed bugs particularly like wood and fabric.  They hide in cracks and crevices, narrow spaces and voids in proximity to where humans sleep or rest such as: beds and bed frames, nightstands, dressers, desks, recliners and sofas.  Heavier infestations spread behind baseboards, in window and door casings, and other hiding places further from the bed including items attached to walls and ceilings, pictures, electrical switch plates, smoke detectors, loose wallpaper, in the pleats of drapes, and the upholstery of furniture. 

Bed Bugs can be tough to eliminate.  Depending on the level of infestation, more than one treatment may be necessary.  To maximize the effectiveness of an ACTION Bed Bug Treatment, it is important to prepare in advance.  The following steps will guide you through the process.

1.       REDUCE CLUTTER.  Now is the time to get rid of things that have been lying about for years, items you have always intended on getting rid of but havenít.  Make sure you bag and seal all items you are removing.  This will help seal and protect from bugs or eggs dropping throughout the house.

2.       All beds must be stripped.  All linens must be removed and washed on the hottest setting and dried on high heat.  If you are taking your clothing/linens to a laundry-mat for cleaning, make sure to use new bags after you launder.  Do not use the same bag you took to the laundry unless it has been washed/dried on high heat.

3.       All clothing should follow the same procedure as linens.  Once taken from hot dryer , seal cloth in contractor type bags or large Ziploc bags until further notice.  A sealable Rubbermaid container may also make life a little easier for access to clean clothing throughout the process.  All linens and clothing must remain sealed until after the follow-up treatment and inspection. If clothing is already clean, just putting the items through a high heat dryer will be fine.  Itís the heat from the dryer that will kill bed bugs.  Donít over stuff the dryer.

4.       All dresser drawers, night stands, vanity and armoire drawers must be emptied or cleared for treatment.  All items from said drawers should remain in the same room if possible.  Personal items can be placed in bags or boxes until after the first treatment is complete.  All closets must be emptied for crack and crevice treatments. 

5.       Dry Clean/Delicates.  Dry cleaning items works, however most dry clean only items can go through a dryer cycle on high heat as long as the items were not wet.  For all questionable items, we strongly recommend using a Packtite unit.  Go to

 This unit is a great help with any questionable items such as pocketbooks, stuffed animals, shoes, books, etc.  Originally intended for treatment of luggage after travelling, this heating unit will kill all life stages of bed bugs.  This is an excellent investment for the frequent traveler or any items that may harbor bed bugs.  Please follow all directions for proper usage.

Action can rent you a Packtite unit for an additional fee of $100.00

1.       Vacuum each room including along the edges of the baseboard molding.  A crevice tool is the best option while vacuuming.  This is a very important step for the effectiveness of your treatment.  Be sure to vacuum under beds and furniture.  After each time you vacuum, remove the bag and place it in a sealed trash bag for disposal outside the home.  If using a canister vacuum, empty the debris into the trash for immediate disposal outdoors and wash canister in very hot water.

2.       All open food must be removed or placed inside of refrigerator.  Place all drinking vessels, plates and eating utensils in a kitchen cabinet.

3.       No People or pets are allowed to remain in the home during the treatment process and cannot return until 3 hours after treatment.  Be sure to remove all pet food, water, and toys from the floor.  If you have an aquarium pets, please turn off any air pumps and filters.  Place plastic wrap over the top surface to seal it off.

After Treatment

1.       Open any windows (weather permitting) to allow ventilation

2.       Wipe down any surfaces such as counters, kitchen tables, and bed side tables.

3.       All furniture should be vacuumed thoroughly.

4.       All floors and along baseboards should be vacuumed thoroughly.  This should be done every other day until your follow up treatment.

5.       Cover your mattress and box spring with approved bed bug encasement covers.

6.       Pull your bed away from wall.  A bed against a wall creates a perfect harborage site for bed bugs


Please note: It is not uncommon to be bitten following treatment.  You need to allow the treatment time to work-at least 7-10 days.  If all the above instructions were not followed, you will significantly reduce the chances of eliminating the bed bug problem.

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